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Hapdco Mensol Tonic

Hapdco Mensol Tonic

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Information about Hapdco Mensol Tonic

It is helpful to treat problems such as women's health and improves various health problems related to mensuration, menstrual problems, leucorrhoea discharge, headache, backache, debility, loss of appetite, anxiety, and anemia.

Ingredient Details

  • Andrographispaniculata
  • Carduusmarianus
  • Carica papaya
  • Chelidoniummajus
  • Chionanthus virginica
  • Myricacerifera

Benefits/Uses of Hapdco Mensol Tonic

It is helpful to treat problems such as headache, back pain associated with menses, menses irregularities, dark clots, abdominal distention, and profuse pain, strength to the uterus, Alleviates spasmodic and severe pains, shivering, and false pains, cramps, colicky pain in pelvic organs, bearing-down pains, heaviness, and congestion in ovarian region, pain in sacrum and pubic, pain in anterior muscles of thighs, itching, weakness, numbness, burning pain.

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