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Bakson Flu Aid Tablets

Bakson Flu Aid Tablets

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Information about Bakson Flu Aid Tablets

Benefits/Uses of Flu Aid Tablets

It can help to treat

  • coryza and cure flu, sneezing and also cures fever.
  • headache, pain in bones and muscles, cough and treat weakness.

Ingredients Details

  • Arsenicum album 200: It is helpful to treat problems such as Restlessness,Dyspnoea and treats sweat with great thirst.
  • Gelsemium semp. 200: it helps to cure High body temperature, Perspiration. 
  • Eupatorium perf. 200: It is used to cure Nausea, vomiting, Aching pain in the back, and Aching in bones of the extremities. 
  • Bellis perennis 200:It helps to cure nerve injuries.
  • Bryonia alb. 200: It treats a Remittent rise of temperature. 

Directions and Doses to take medicine

  • Adults should take in a day 1 tablet at an interval of 2 hourly 6 times.
  • Children should take half the adult dose.

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