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Bakson Acne Aid Cream

Bakson Acne Aid Cream

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Information about Baksons Acne Aid Cream

It is a helpful remedy to cure problems such as clear skin that provides hypoallergic and anti-comedogenic action. It controls excessive sebum accumulation that leads to acne. 

Benefits/Uses of Baksons Acne Aid Cream

It is helpful to treat problems such as Hypoallergic (minimize the possibility of an allergic response) and anti-comedogenic action (breaks down the excess oils on your skin, Controls excessive sebum accumulation that leads to skin disorders, provides flawless skin.

Ingredient Details

  • Berberis aquifolium,
  • Calendula officinalis.

Directions to use Baksons Acne Aid Cream

Apply Acne Aid cream externally twice daily to properly cleaned and dried the affected portion. 

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