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Bakson AC 4 Tablets

Bakson AC 4 Tablets

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Information about Bakson AC 4 Tablets

Benefits/Uses of AC 4 Tablets

It can help to treat

  • Greasy, oily and to treat dry areas of skin.
  • And cure Skin scales (white & flaking, oily & adherent).
  • Mild redness and treat itching.

Ingredients Details

  • Calcarea fluor. 6x: It is helpful to treat problems such as hard excrescences on the scalp, ulcers on the scalp with callous, hard edges, chaps, and cracks, and to treat cracks in the palms.
  • Calcarea sulph. 6x:  It is helpful to cure the Scald-head of children.
  • Kali. sulph. 3x: It treats bald spots, dandruff, and scalding, Eczema, Nettle-rash, and also treat ringworm of the scalp.
  • Natrum sulph. 3x: It is useful to treat hot feeling on top of the head, itching, and to treat Wart-like red lumps all over the body. 
  • Arsenicum alb. 30x: It is a helpful remedy to cure problems such as scalp itches, circular patches of bare spots, nightly burning and itching, urticaria, Itching, burning, swellings, and to treat scratches. 
  • Rhus tox. 30x: It treats burning eczematous eruptions with a tendency to scale formation. 
  • Sulphur 30x: It is helpful in problems related to scalp dryness, falling of hair, pimply eruption, pustules, rhagades, hang-nails, and to treat excoriation.

Directions and Doses to take medicine

In a day take 1 tablet 2 times.

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